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Vandalism and theft from a fake booking.

Has anybody else had this problem?


We are new to this platform and from the beginning this has been a chaotic experience. We were asked to take a booking after duplicate IDs had been generated for one property. As a gesture of professional courtesy, we agreed to take on a guest for one night after customer service had implored us. We were not allowed to take deposits unless it is cash on arrival, which I think is a mistake as it should be taken with the reservation to protect the host. 

It turned out the guest name and numbers were fake (unlike Airbnb where proper security measures are taken). However, they managed to stab our brand new sofa, steal our Smart TV, steal our Bosch cooker knobs, and spray our brand new carpets with a fire extinguisher during a drug fueled orgy. expects me to take the hit on my insurance premiums for their negligence.

Is this fair and shouldn't we partners expect better?

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BrookAve 2 years ago



Sorry to hear.


BdC need to stop playing catch up and just do it

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Opononi Bliss 1 month ago

This just happened to us last weekend - and it doesn't look like BDC have made any changes to help prevent this from happening :(