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Verificacion de Alojamiento

Saludos,,soy nueva en esto y booking me dice que me enviaran un correo a mi alojamiento en unos días, pero yo no estoy cerca de mi alojamiento para ir a recibir la carta, y cada vez que pido hablar con una persona nunca aparece, Que hago??


Greetings, I'm new to this and (booking) tells me to send an email to my accommodation in a few days, but I'm not near my accommodation to go receive the letter, and every time I ask to speak with a person never it appears, what do I do?

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Thuild - Your … 3 years ago

Dear Lianda,

You will need to pick u the verification letter from your mail box. That's how you get your address verified.

It's simple and there is no other way to do it with BDC.

Just check your mail or ask someone to check it for you.


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