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Hi I have just joined and would like to try and get my hotel verified. My problem is that there is no postal service for my location, meaning to say any letter try to send to me, I will never receive. How can I get verified through other means?

And will my hotel be bookable in the meantime? Or will it not be listed until it is verified?

Any advice would help, thank you!

Namal Kodithuwakku

As my experience they make property live if you've completed the listing. But you have to enter before you receive limited mo of booking ( I remember 30 ). I can't believe that you don't get mails. Can't you get the letter from the nearest post service.


Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately we are located in a remote of a province of Palawan, Philippines. We are simply unable to reliably receive post here. If we're lucky a local some 100km away might know of us and find a way of getting in touch, but it is not likely. Is there no other way our property can be verified?