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Verification code

Hi I registered on afew weeks back but till now ihave not received my verification code.Could I atleast be called when it is being delivered so that ican start hosting?? This is frustrating.

Fe Mcbon

We faced the same issue and it turns out the address registered was wrong. It would calling them to verify that they have the correct address on record. Corrections can only be made by sending them a message thru this channel stating your reason. Otherwise, calling them would help.

2 years ago

Hello. My verification code hasn't arrived yet and the problem seems to be the mailing address you have. Please send a new code to Po Box 19314, code 00202, Nairobi if it has to be sent via postal mail. Thank you.

2 years ago
Lucia Nel 2501

Please please I still waiting for the verification code. Post the code to my P.O Box 1376 Somerset West 7140 as I still have not receive it at the home address


Susan Nel

2 years ago
Laura, Communi…

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2 years ago