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53 Replies

Guillaume Malfait

Small breviary of illegal or non-commercial things done by Booking. When it goes, it goes, when it doesn’t, you have it in the baba... Cannot open a "ticket", a "file", if dispute or problem No file follow-up by an interlocutor. Marc, Séverine, Ahmed, Sean, Antoine, Quentin.... Refuses to provide co-ordinated from superior or even a phone call Does not acknowledge receipt after a telephone conversation or announce delays they do not meet You ask if "you don’t want to record the conversation" (what’s the point? things to blame? information to communicate?) You refuse new establishments but continue to work the old ones in the same standards, same places...

Blacklist via IP connection or phone (more info soon) = not possible to validate the facility = no ID = no extranet = problem that never resolves. Time does the rest. We reported, our interlocutor tells us that he reported, 7 or 8 times the same problem. No answer provided. To my question about refusal to sell? No. To my question to work together? answer.... negative Always by phone, there, a problem, 12 days and 8 phone calls, no written confirmation, no solution proposed, no explanation given.... No respect! Don’t care about anything, people’s lives (housewives, taxis, drivers, operators, owners...)

7 months ago
Charlotte Hölttä

Hi you all, new user on this site and newly registered my BnB.

Having difficulties to find a way to change things I already wrote in setting (can't even find settings...), such as, how to change address. Postal code is not the same as the name on the village... so the right village name is not shown properly in my BnB -site...

Any helpers?


7 months ago