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We have a few questions and changes

Good morning,

We were just signed up with Best Western and they created this site but we currently have an independent listing on Is it possible to merge the two pages so we only have one. The new account from the brand is #*** and our independent listing is account #***. We would like to keep the account #*** active but have the other one merged. 

We also need to change the tax amount. It is listed higher on the website but should be 12.57%

Thank you!




Just a thought but perhaps temp disable the older one by setting rooms to closed.


If any future bookings on it, note the dates and minimum info, and block them on new listing.



This gives you a quick backout option until you are fully ready to stay with the new arrangement. 


Otherwise contact BdC support, see Partner Help contact us below or via extranet messages, contact us.


For the rate changes same applies. 

Kind regards