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The wedding of the hyena

Hello partners in business,

At Muriza tours we are very blessed with mother nature. Today we enjoyed the wedding of the hyena all day through. What does this mean???  The situation where the sun is shining at the same time rain is falling, the mixture is referred to as the hyena's wedding.

If you want to see such a dual interesting weather/situation; come to muriza tours. You will be amazed at what the natural beauty can offer. It has to be this month of December. Book now while the room last.

You are all welcome. Those that would love to pinch tents in a specious secure open gardens too are welcome. Come with your own tent please.The fee  in the open garden is 10 dollars a night.

A merry Christmas

muriza tours

Bandara Hotels…

Thank you for your offer and invitation. Do you have link of your resort? Or you can share photo with us here.


Yes Bandara, you are welcome.

Am yet to develop the link for sharing with partners and guests.