Welcome our Guests

From the moment our Guests arrive we welcome them  to Newark Lodge Guest House and get them to sign in and then we ask them for their Breakfast Order so we have their breakfast all ready  for them when they come down in the morning.  The next thing we do is ask them where they are going to dine,  as we don't do evening meals.  If they haven't got their dinner planned then we recommend the Chesters Pub,  which is just down the road from us.  We tell them Chesters is not the Ritz,  BUT,  the food is good and tell them you are staying at Newark Lodge Guest House and they will give you a 10% Discount on your meal.  This works so well as they can drink and NOT drive.

Then we show our Guests to their Bedroom and show them where EVERYTHING  is in the bedroom and their Ensuite.  This makes them feel at home.

The next morning when they come down to Breakfast the first thing we ask is "Did you sleep well"  and then serve them their breakfast.  We love our Guests !!!!!



Hi Coolspratt


Sounds very nice there, would be fantastic if you could complete your partner profile with  the Property Link so we can view it too.  :)


All the best, see below for How-To guide



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Aaltje B.

You must love your job ! 

We wish you pleasant guesra and lots of them ! 


Greetings from New Zealand 

M Adamopoulou

Very thoughtful of you to servce your guests with kindness and understanding their needs.

Please share pictures of your lovely accommodation.