What are the requirements to list my property

Hi There,

My ecolodge is going to be ready in September. I am interested to start my business on online booking. Before listing my property, may I know what are the requirements for listing my property? Below are some of my questions.

1. Is there monthly fee or service charge needed to pay to booking.com?

2. How long is the approval process for listing my propoerty?

Leandri Klopper

Hey Hamada,

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the Ecolodge!

1. Nope. You only pay per stayed booking you receive via Booking.com. The commission percentage will be communicated to you once you load your property (via an automated contract emailed to you)

2. It can take long! A code is sent to your property which should arrive within a Month but sometimes it takes longer. But there are ways to make it go faster. Search the forum, there are many threads about it, once you come to that point.

Gratz again!