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What is the commission percentage, ie how muck does BDC keep?

I am trying to understand the fee basis or the commission structure.  I see the question asked "How much is my Commission?" but the answer is generic, at best.  If I rent my house for $10,000 per week, how much does b.c keep; % or dollar amount?  Does the structure change based on the amount of revenue I collect?  Is there a cap on the commission?  

I refuse to let my properties 'go live' until I get this answered?  Even then, I may just cancel because I do not like the curtain of non-disclosure I see in the initial information I see in the initial sign-up process.

Honestly, I am not impressed; more cautious as I on-board. 

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Veronika Group 4 years ago

They do not keep a fixed dollar amount and it does not change based on the amount of revenue collected. They simply take 15% or 18% from every booking that has been realized meaning that the guest actually stayed at the property. They invoice you between the 1st and 8th for the previous month. Their invoices are based on the check-out dates and not check-in dates which is a benefit.

Also, one clarification, 15% is the lowest commission which all properties pay. If you join 'Preferred Partner' programme, then your commission is going to rise to 18%. There is also an option in the 'Opportunities' tab called 'Visibility Booster' which can raise the commission even more in exchange for being higher in the search, but I would suggest using this option wisely. A few years ago, you were able to raise the commission there up to 50%, but they now put the cap at 30%.