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What is the point of this Forum?

What is the point of this Forum?

You are not permitted to discuss in any way other than positive - hardly an open discussion is it.

OR perhaps I am wrong and we can ask challenging questions AND get a response - or, as I suspect, the axe will fall and any post remotely questioning this website will be swiftly removed.

Shall we see?

Why are anonymous reviews and reviews without comments permitted - we cannot reply to them, so they are automatically unfair to the business. It cannot simply be that guests seek privacy as they can use an alias.

Why does clearly state that the content shown on its website has been provided by the property when choose what to display, what not to display and word content how they wish. The majority of negative reviews come from guests who feel they were misled by OTAs. We have asked countless times for our details to be shown correctly but we are told your "content specialists" will word things "to better promote the property" ie to get more commission and leave the problems with the hotel.

Why does clearly state that the booker enters into a contract directly with the property and that acts solely as an introducer - but then starts dictating to the hotel how it should operate its business.

OTAs play an important role in the industry BUT they have far too much power and control which needs to be rectified.

I was going to post a few more observations and questions but this thread will no doubt be axed so I thought I'd make better use of my time.

Over to you



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Raymond Rbs

I agree with Paul's comment completely. Also I recently read if there are less than 5 reviews, no review get posted.

1 year ago

Completely agree. Also, if they say that it's a contract between property and guest, why do they not hand out the e-mail addresses anymore? Privacy? No no no, it's about handing out valuable data.

Reviews: Why doesn't get the guest the reply automatically? Why can't we also rate the guest? Some people leave a room behind like a bomb has exploded. And replacing all bed linen, towels and sheets because they cannot be cleaned anymore isn't included in the room rate. What can we do? Swallow.

1 year ago
Pita Lie

To this point:

Why does clearly state that the booker enters into a contract directly with the property and that acts solely as an introducer - but then starts dictating to the hotel how it should operate its business.

We had credit card dispute that despite the clear CCTV records and forms showed that pax checked in, pax disputed credit card charges as said had never told them about credit card charge. We asked for email details (extranet deleted the conversation after few months) and yet sent this letter to us: ------ Talking about supportive partner. LOL

Thank you for working with

We are writing to you regarding our mutual guest XXXX with reservation number XXXX, check-in date 2017-09-27, and check-out date 2017-10-03.

We are note able to assist you more than providing a supporting letter.
You can find guest's booking details in extra net under reservations tab.

We are sorry for not meeting your expectations.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

Chiho F
Customer Relations Executive Customer Service Team

1 year ago

Whilst the Forum is great for sharing ideas there seems to be little point in making positive suggestions about improving things such as the review system.It must be very frustrating for Brooke to put forward our suggestions knowing that anything really big .such as fair review system,will be ignored by those with the authority to do something

It will unfortunatelyrmean the Partnet Forum will eventually fade away as the one on LateRooms did for the very same reason (admitted by the late CEO)

1 year ago

I had exactly the same issue a couple of weeks ago - I posted this on the Forum

Booking .com would not remove the review as removing lies is not in the Review Terms and Conditions. The guest obiviously refused to remove it also

Since this was a business booking after my requests were ignored by the guest I sent a personal email to the CEO of the very large UK food chain who he worked for,including screen shots showing he had lied.I received a personal apology from the CEO

You could try emailing Gillian Tans the CEO of as I am sure one day she will accept there is an issue and initiate change enough hotels email her

I have said many times how much we value our relationship with and it is just so sad

when such an important site does snot support its partner hotels

1 year ago