What is the proper website to login as a host to manage your property and page on booking?

Hi, I created the page for my flat as a host, and booking is driving me crazy. I can not find the one website that works for the login. I tried https://account.booking.com/ or admin.booking.com, but on both logins, it does not bring me to the page to manage my property ... I have to go to my emails to find a way to go to my page and manage my property. So what is the good website? Thanks a lot. Cheers, Grégory




Hi Grégory


It is on this page top right - Go to extranet

aka   https://admin.booking.com/


It sounds like you are trying to logon to the Extranet using your details for the Guest website.


The best way to sync them up is to set password on both to the same thing.

and then logon using email address, and not the partner account name.


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Grégory Lukowski

Hi BrookAve,


Thanks a lot. As written, I did try admin.booking.com, but it does not work. I also log in with the same email and password on "both" accounts, but for me it is the same page ... only after loggin in, I always end up in the travelling page rather than the host / partner page :( booking is not really user friendly, way less than airbnb.









is currently working. click  the link above.


provide screen shot if an error occurs.


try https://getsharex.com if you need an app for doing it.

Windows 10 has either snipping tool or snip & sketch.


at this point just phone BdC Support, see my visual guide above.

I suspect you are doing something wrong.

Kind Regards