What is Rate? İs it for the whole room or per person

İn the extranet callendar we can set the rate per day.

I woluld like to know whether the rate is per person or per room?


I know this is very very basic question.





Hi Ismail


The order in which to setup basic is:

  1. Create a  Room type
  2. Create a Rate plan , and link to the room type(s).


At this point you should have  at basic :


  • Nightly Rate Plan (non refundable) linked to one or all Room Types, at cost of X per night. With or without meal plan. and minimum of 1 night.  
  • Now create second rate plan , and base it on the Non refundable Nightly rate, and it will beFlexible Rate plan but will cost x amount more or x% more, than nightly, and set it to 7 night min, and call it Flex 7 Nights.

THis is just a basic exmaple, you can also do Flex 2Night, 3, 5 etc, but there is a max number of 7 nights so only so much you can define here.



There in general can only be one Rate Type :

  • Whole unit /Room based   (per listing, per room)
  • or Occupancy Based.     ( per person)


So by default its always per listing, typically a whole unit or a room type listing.




Kind Regards


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ismail kurtoglu

So for my case it is for 5 person.

Thank you for you for answering my silly question..



There are pros V Cons to using occupancy based Rates versus, Unit Based.


  • Unit based = whole property, or a room in said property.  
  • Occupancy based = number of people in a dorm shared room; number of people stay in whole property etc.


So what type of property is it?


Assuming it is a 3 bedroom house with a living room and a couch, then in theory 4-8 people could use it.


Where you might use occupancy based rates is more for hostels, with shared rooms, dorms. Some do it for their apartment, and then some how expect the spare unpaid for room to miraculous stay unused. and then moan when it is used by unregisterd guests.


See where I am going with this? it becomes more work, stress and troublesome than it is worth.