What is "Rooms to Sell" feature?


I have just joined Booking.com and I working on updating my short-rent flats.

I have no idea how the feature "Rooms to Sell" has been added to my calendar, but I cannot delete it and i'm concerned it is offering the flat for sell, when I have no intention of doing it.

Can someone help me?

thank you :-)




Yes, your property is about to be sold, act quick or you will end up on the street!!!

You made some big mistake there putting it up on SALE.



Just kidding of course!!! :)) Sorry, I had to do it. ;))

Don't worry, "Rooms to sell" means how many rooms/apartments you are offering.  

It's like this, you could have 2 identical rooms, for example, both rooms with the private bathroom, with  AC/cable TV, city view, so you don't have to create those rooms separately but you can advertise just one and set "Rooms to sell=2".


So that way, when someone books your room for 10.03-15.03, that number "Room to sell" will automatically go to "1" because you still got one to "sell". And you will choose yourself which room you will give to that client who has just booked it.


If those rooms are different in some way, for example, one room has a sea view while other room has a city view, you will create both rooms under your ad and then the number of "rooms to sell" will be 1 for each room.


I hope I have explainded this fine, that it is not too confusing. ;))

All the best, M


Michal Shinitzky

Thank you...

I think the word "sell" is what got me confused, but your explanation makes everything clear and all makes sense now.

Sorry if I came through stupid by thinking my property was put for sell LOLOLOL