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Why can't I join payment by booking?

Why can't I join payment by booking? I have 2 apartments that I used to rent out on I had a lot of bookings with them, but most of them got canceled or now show. The guest that came gave me a rating of 9.7 out of 7 reviews ,but due to all the cancelation I lost more then I earned. I did get an invite to join Payment by booking , but every time I ask them. They won't tell me when. So I have closed until I can join.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

My first instinct was to tell you to ask them if it is available in your country. But if they have already reached out to you, then that means it is an option. As to the When of it, you will need to exercise patience. and their New services does take a while to fall into place. I can't say how long you will wait, as I'm still waiting for Payments by to be made available to me.

I suggest that you don't close your property until they contact you. Just look through the forum for advise on No-shows, or cancellations. might not be too keen to make money for a property that has closed it's availability on their website... Just my opinion though.

Anyway, let us know what happens! We're all rooting for you. Keep well!



I have 6 properties (villas) in Paphos, Cyprus. We have just started 2 month ago. The first listing we have checked the wrong payment method which is not through but directly to us. That means we need to ask the guest to pay in cash on day of arrival. This puts us in an unsafe situation which a guest can just book and not show up and we have lost the deal....

We have asked to change this payment policy to be same as the other villas but now they say we have to wait in the long line of receiving a confirmation letter from them which may take few month...

So, I do understand the situation you are in. I suggest to do the same as us. Ask for cash payment for now until they confirm payment by Booking...

Good luck. Alice

Leandri Klopper

Hey Alice,

That's good advise!

Why don't you just opt for the Card payments only and add a prepayment policy?

Then you get the booking, process the card, and all is done.

Keep well!