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Wordpress website link to


I am hoping to get some advice.

I administer a Wordpress website for a customer who runs a public house with accomodation (4 double rooms). For this I set up a "stand alone" basic booking plugin ( for him. Although this currently works successfully he would now like to add his property to and be able to keep his bookings in sync. I believe I would need to upgrade the plugin to a pro version, which contains iCal functionality to acheive this or is there a better way of handling this? Also what would be the process steps I'd need to take in order to achieve this?

Many thanks





Harizma Alliance LP

Hi Jim

Ical sync in booking works good but slow, some users report that the gap between the sync could be up to 6 hours. Best way is to subscribe for a channel manager. And manage availability via the channel manager. It will costs your client only 5$ per month and he will be able to add his property not only to Booking bu to other OTA as well

Jonathan Webb

I too am looking to display a booked/available calender on a website. so far i havent found any...