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I am hoping to get some advice.

I administer a Wordpress website for a customer who runs a public house with accomodation (4 double rooms). For this I set up a "stand alone" basic booking plugin ( for him. Although this currently works successfully he would now like to add his property to and be able to keep his bookings in sync. I believe I would need to upgrade the plugin to a pro version, which contains iCal functionality to acheive this or is there a better way of handling this? Also what would be the process steps I'd need to take in order to achieve this?

Many thanks





Harizma Alliance LP
2 years ago

Hi Jim

Ical sync in booking works good but slow, some users report that the gap between the sync could be up to 6 hours. Best way is to subscribe for a channel manager. And manage availability via the channel manager. It will costs your client only 5$ per month and he will be able to add his property not only to Booking bu to other OTA as well

Jonathan Webb 2 years ago

I too am looking to display a booked/available calender on a website. so far i havent found any...