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Wrong Address

Hello guys! I am a very new host in Booking. As I created my account, there was something wrong with my location. It’s a wrong one and far from my real address about 3 km. I already sent the message to support team but it has been 1 and a half day without any answers. I hope you guys can give me some advice. Thanks.

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

You can find your home or unit location of your rental at google maps

Check if that one is correct.

If not, you can google : how to change my google maps location.

I have done that lately and gave a lot of relief.

Some people don't have access in their cars to google maps because of no GPS

there are new options too that allow for finding the road without wifi, several different systems, one of them is called MAPS.ME

You can try to do that with someone else who is experienced with it.

You can print off the road as you see your route you searched on google maps, from highway to your unit, or design one yourself that you copy and paste, or scan and download and attach to your description under property tab in the extranet.

Happy hosting


Aaltje B.

Carolemiller1344 3 years ago

I live On the beach in a rural area. We do not receive mail. We do not have a post office or postal service. I don’t even have a real address. I read that you sent a code by mail to the address which I provided which is actually coordinates. I will never receiveany mail that you send, so I will not be able to type in the code. I also would like to change the “address” I provided , which is not a real address so, I would like to list that am one lot north of the Canoa Beach Hotel, which is a landmark and list d on goggle maps etc. to so people can see where I am located, the Legal address of my property os 4 pages long, as it consists of 4 lots and runs from the beach to the road. You can call me at 1-213-445-9215. Thank you.

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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Carole

Nice to hear from you and your place must be a very special one!

About the address situation, I think it is best to get in touch with the help team via the extranet, since we don't have access to all the information, we are hosts like you and we exchange experiences , tips and tricks ( see all questions answered via extranet)

For your situation you need someone exerienced from the help team.

So if you form your question within the inbox tab of extranet you tell them exactly what you have done here.

I hope this helps to get your unit up and running soon.

Enjoy your guests and hosting.


Aaltje B.