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Wrong Pricng

Hi to all,

I just recently joined and listed my space (11th May 2018 1:00AM). I made an error in pricing. I wanted to have 98% pricing for single occupancy so that the guest can get 2% discount from the based price. Because I was making my profile so late at night, I guess I misunderstood the question. So instead of indicating 2%, I typed in 98%. 

My dilemma is, someone has booked it for 3 days (12th May 2018 11:11AM) and the guest is charged for only 2% of the based price. I tried to contact the guest but he hasn't replied yet. Also, I couldn't  find a way to contact

Appreciate all the help.



You can contact via extranet under messages also there is a phone number for their support on bottom right.

Leandri Klopper

Hi there,

That's a bit of a pickle. is very strict on honoring the accommodation that you advertise. The only option you will have is to contact the guest to negotiate with them or perhaps to contact to hear if there is any way that they will be willing to cancel the booking for you.

I've struggled with something similiar and advised that I need to honor any booking made.

Maybe it's best if you contact your Account manager directly, you can find that contact information as Pibomarco directed above.

Best of luck!