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Your payouts have been suspended – ID verification required.

I gave my bank details and SSN but then I got the message "Your payouts have been suspended – ID verification required.". What does it mean? I have never had an issue before with verification of other agencies. 

Aaltje B.

Hi Connie, 

This looks like an error, assuming you have the bank account in the same country as your listing. 

You could try to contact the finance team.

Otherwise, put a question in via the extranet, via Inbox / messages or go to the help section. 

Hope this helps, 


Aaltje B. 

Connie G

Okay Aaltje  thank you. How can i contact the finance team? thanks!

Community Admin

Hi Connie G, thank you for posting.

You can contact our Financial Department directly from your inbox by selecting the topic "Finance" as soon as you compose a new message. Good luck!

Connie G

Is it normal that booking partner asked for SSN for verification. I was asked SSN and i provided it and then they suspended my account.

I talked to some customer representative and they told me the booking partner dont usually ask for SSN for verification.