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Your property listing is currently being reviewed

Since 1 month reviewing my new hotel

Can i know how to push it & publish it




Hi Locanda Motel


When you goto the Extranet homepage if all is in order and ready, you should see top left below menus in the white area a green background box with OPEN/ BOOKABLE.


If not there will either be a button to click on to Go Live or if not tBdC have still not finalised your setup.


You can contact the support team via Partner Help > Contact Us at the bttom of this page.


Kind Regards

Locanda Motel

Hi BrookAve,


Thank you for your fast reply

I have a  "Continue your registration" bottom;  When i click on it, i go into another page where they mention: 

Your registration at

You already finished the first step! We've sent you an email at confirming your registration. THIS ONE IS DONE


We're reviewing your property


This step is still pending

I'll try to contact then through partner help / contact us