Manage properties already on Booking


I'm a property manager that offers visibility services to GuestHouses like proper website, improve online visibility, and more.

I have a channel manager & general booking system for all the property I manage.

I cannot find a proper answer for what I need to do for GuestHouses that are already using Booking.com ?

-> Becoming admin of their account ? -> List their property via my account then ask for a transfer ? -> SOmething else ?

If you have any clue of what do I need to do please answer. Have a great day Jérémy

BrookAve 3 years ago




It sounds like you are 3rd party , providing PMS and Channel Manager.

This is easy to enable but you need admin access to each property, just to enable the Channel manager and PMS settings.

It usually sends a confirmation into the extranet inbox where you can confirm the action once done. Its basically a XML url that feeds out and in.


Kind Regards