About blocking the dates on calendar and about getting paid

Hi, I am new here. first guest will be arriving soon. I have two guestions for now, how can i block dates, when I won't want any reservations? how and where to enter my card details to get paid? can I use visa debit card?

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Marzena Lasocka Gios 1 year ago

Dear Aisulu,

I hope you are doing well.

Please check out this article how to update the rates and availability in our calendar and this article about the forms of payment with Booking.com

I hope this will be helpful to you! Will you let me know if I can help further? Thank you!

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BrookAve 1 year ago


  • or for a full digest of all things Availability and setup check out my unabridged version linked below 
  • on topic of getting paid, i reccomend opt out of all BdC method if enabled or none and just default guest pays you , then simply:
    • sign up for a 3rd party payment service provider 
      • for VCC support ask them directly to enable option or what do they provide for it
    • set a prepay ltime limit before you click request cancel and option 1.
    • now add the entire prepay process for guests into the message template- New Reservations
  • Listing on more than one OTA website, if you really have to then dont link calendars directly, instead get a channel manager 3rdparty service. you'll thank me later when it reduces overbooking double bookings by 99.8% versus BdC calender that does not real time sync and causes many.



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