about cancelling a reservation. two month ahead. overbooked.

l need to cancel a reservation in two month ahead, due to an overbooked.

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Rebecca Aidoo

So since its more than 48 hours away, you just message them , and say :


Overbooked, system should not have allowed it, it happens on occasion but I must cancel this booking, and happy to help with booking other dates. The system will send a notification shortly, with a link to click on to confirm. This will then refund any prepayment made to BdC on checkout.


then on the same reservation details page where you can message them from :


  • on right pane click request cancelation,
  • choose option 2
  • notification with accept/confirm link sent to Guest.
  • wait for guest to do so , and then status updates to canceled.


Now if they come back asking for new dates to be confirmed, you can deal with them directly, if need be.


Kind Regards