accepting bookings

Hi, just wondering what it means to  -

'accept a booking free of charge'  or

'accept a booking with charges'


I find this site quite difficult to navigate, and can;t even find 'live chat' !

Any advice and tips please.



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Nicola,


  1. There is no Live chat , only via the Extranet dedicated contact info and messaging system. see guide below.
  2. This is still only Partner Hub Community, and not a direct line to BdC support, never has been.
  3. Where do you see that quote?

All bookings are auto accepted by the BdC platform on your behalf once you calendar shows availability.

The only fee you pay per reservation is commission if you are billing VCC or directly with guest.


Payments by Booking - does it all for you as prepaid at time of booking, but as well as commission you pay a payment gateway % fee, 1.2-3%  I believe it varies by region.



Kind Regards


PS : please take the time to complete your profile and add the property listing link

How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile



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