account information

I just joined booking.com.

I need to help from you.

1) I don't know where is location code, I checked my email after registration yesterday.

2) Account information ; I made mistake about owner's location country. because of that I can not put bank details.

they live in Holland not in France.

How I can modify the information.

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Hey there,

Thanks for asking, that's what the Partner Forum is for.

1) The code takes long to reach your property, you can see the estimated time of arrival on the Home Page. It will tell you when it was sent out of Amsterdam.

2) You cannot have a bank account which is not in the same country as your property. So did you pin the wrong location for the property? Because if that is the case you will need to phone Booking.com directly to change it

Best of luck with your endeavours on Booking.com! 

Jimin 3 years ago

What is phone number to contact booking.com for property part. 

I can not found it.