Add a tour or activity

i am trying to add a tour, all i see in add your property is hotels and accommodations,which is not suitable for the tour.

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Welcome to the forum. 

I'm actually not sure that Booking.com does tours? Do you know of anyone who has a tour registered on Booking.com and that's why you tried it?

I see they have a section for it but I have absolutely no clue as to how one goes about listing this on Booking.com. I did a search through the helpguide and could find nothing. 

Perhaps you should phone a friend at Booking.com and ask them how to? Perhaps then you can let us know as well.

Keep well and good luck. 

Fred Chen 1 year ago

I am having the same issue as well. I registered as a partner and wish to list a tour, however the system only come up with property list.

Does anyone know how to list tour activity?

Thanks in advance.

Sanaa Kassem 1 year ago

Same issue here and i can't find any way to contact them 

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Janita - Accou… 1 year ago

Hi Sanaa, 

All experiences are set up via a third party company called Musement. You can list with them and the connect with Booking.com for you. 

Hope this helps! 

Sanaa Kassem 1 year ago

Thank you Janita , i will do that 

Have a great day ! 

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Qaldeaushguli 1 year ago

hello are anything news?  i have same problem i dont know how i list your activity? 

Gulcin Ozcolak 1 year ago

Hi, I have the same issue. I would like to list my tours however the page is redirecting me to the property list.  Does anyone have a contact number to ask in detail?

Thank you. 

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Claudia Gasperini 1 year ago

Hello, does anyone have any news about the matter? if I login in my extranet I am not able to do anything. It only asks me to add my property but I would only like to sell excursions. Is there a way to do it? 

Also, I have been given access to the Affiliate Partner Centre and I am not exactly sure on what to do with it? 

It is so frustrating because there is NO way to speak with a Booking.com agent or anyone in Booking. Please can someone help?