Adding new listing.

Dear partners, I would like to add a new listing into my existing account but the option is not available anywhere. Currently my account have 2 listing and there is no option for me to add my 3rd listing. Previously the "add new listing" option disappeared and now I only found "add existing listing into account" Please assist because I am ready to start renting out 3rd listing. Thanks and looking forward for the solution.

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Marzena Lasocka Gios 9 months ago

Dear Jing, 

I hope you are doing well. 

Please have a look at this article :


If this does not respond your request, please enter in contact with our local support:

Our 24/7 partner support team is available on one of the numbers listed https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/support-contact/contact/where-you-can-reach-us

I hope this will be helpful to you! Will you let me know if I can help further? Thank you!

Best regards

Marzena - Booking.com



JING SHYAN LOOI 9 months ago

Thanks for your response, there is no option for "add new listing", on the right top only appear "add existing listing". The option im looking for is "add new listing" instead of "add existing listing". Previously there is "add new listing" and i used it to added 2nd listing into the account, but now im trying to add 3rd listing but the "add new listing" option has disappeared.