Additional important details to add to my listing

Hi, I've just added 2 self-catering properties and there are a few details/conditions that I have been unable to include or I believe I have entered correctly and the listing has come out incorrect. I would ideally like to communicate with someone at B.com directly about this but I cannot find an email address or phone number - so that's the first issue! 

1 - our change-over day for June, July & August must be set at Saturday.

2 - the private pool for our 6 bed property is heated - I can't see how to add this detail

3 - our security deposit for our 6 bed property should be EUR1,000 and for the 3 bed property, it should be EUR350 - I have only been able to set a sum of EUR500

4 - also re security deposits - the listing says that we will only accept these in cash and that cash will be returned after inspection - although cash payment is possible we would prefer a bank transfer or cheque - however a full inspection cannot be undertaken before the guests leave and we would undertake to return the deposit less any damage costs within 7 days by cheque or bank transfer.

5 - where I have selected "superking" for the bed size, the listing has come out as showing multiple sizes of beds.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Elizabeth


  1. Contacting BdC Partner Support , see 3 options below in my signature
  2. Change over Day - 
    1. Calendar restriction fields, some are not enabled by default .
    2. No Arrival , No Departures
    3. request them to be enabled
  3. Tips & Tricks for availability setup
    1. review my digest on all related things here :Managing Availability by BrookAve ,  this includes how to set advanced restrictions and check in /out days.
    2. Bulk edit tool can be used to set the No Arrivals , No Departures for date range and day of the week
  4. Deposit
    1. Yes I think I have seen this before system max allowed is 500
      1. You may need to just add it to the fine print;
      2. the auto message template for new reservations;
      3. a message template to reminding guest to prepay and how; 
      4. add a photo with text - 'Deposit EUR1000'
      5. deposit payment methods add also , but make sure to use something that can do both near-instant payment, and at least 24h minimum.
      6. Guest failure to pay within the default 24hm allows you to self service - Request Cancel ( option 1) on the reservation details page.
  5. Room Details / Property Layout configuration
    1. not sure sure but since you say you sleected it, contact partner support to review .






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