Address confirmation by letter only? And in two weeks time


I've just completed my listing but have received the notification below showing that I need to receive a physical letter to confirm my address - and that it 'should' arrive by November 6th, which is over two weeks away. 

The booking.com support article on confirming your account and going live says that there should be a code in the account confirmation email I can use to make my listing live immediately - but I didn't receive a code. 

I urgently need to activate my listing as this is a key period for rental in my area. 

How can I fast track the process? 



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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

You can't speed up the postal process .... but you can ask for alternative verification .....


Send a message in via your Extranet and ask for Alternative Verification. Say that you can do a WiFi video call to show them your property. If they agree to do this, expect to wait a few days or weeks or months ......