Advice on how to cancel a guest's booking

I'm looking for advice on cancelling a guest's booking. I'm new to Booking.com but have been hosting on Airbnb for several years. I have a booking for June when there is a big music festival on in Belfast and my property is close to the venue. I have a booking for 1 adult and 2 x 17-year olds, my minimum age for bookings is 25 and I think that this 'adult' probably doesn't meet the age minimum. I have messaged the guest to ask them to confirm their age and their identity (the name of the person who made the booking and the guest's name are different). I have still received no reply so lots of red flags. How can I cancel the booking? Hope someone can help. Thank you in advance. 

BrookAve 1 year ago




Simply request photoIDS for all =3 with in 24 hours or cancelled. Should none of the 3 be 25+, then the booking will also be cancelled. something to that effect should do the trick.


So since it seems you have already done this, go ahead and click Request Cancel then option1. then contact Partner Support to expedite  freeing up the room.


No one here but us leprechauns. contact partner support directly.





Suzanne Hill 1 year ago

Thanks very much for your help, this was excellent. I got the guest to cancel, so the dates have been freed up. Thank you!