As an apartment, Booking.com treats me like a loser

I am really having a terrible experience with Booking.com. The strange and revealing thing is I have 2 properties, one is a 12 room hotel and it has a ton of guests and is top ranked on booking, so I recently added a private apartment.  

When I registered the hotel I discovered that for some reason the automatic zip code puts the hotel in a wrong city.  I called them up (actually they call me a bunch of times to help me set up and get started!!) and in a few hours it was fixed.  I was truly impressed and it was my first experience as a partner!

Now I have the apartment in the same city and the same zip code. No one called me to help me set up. I wrote them 5 times! (all archived and registered in the admin mailbox) and they always say they are forwarding the problem to a specialist.  Its been 13 days now, my listing doesn't even show up in the correct city, and they just don't give a ***.

To make things worst, because these apartments to compete with Airbnb are a new thing, they are not sure how to manage them.  For example, I did not realize that the apartment was automatically bookable up to 1 year in advance.  So the only booking I got was for a 2 night stay during the city festival in 11 months at a ridiculous price. 

I called booking up and they said they cannot cancel this reservation and that I must honor it.  Two things: 1) airbnb does only 3 months in the future bookings as default (makes sense) 2) its a private apartment, I have no idea where I will be in 1 year! 

Right now, I've been open 2 weeks and the only reservation I have is for a 2 nighter in 11 months at an absurd price.  Oh, and I'm still in te wrong city!!



DordogneMT 5 years ago

I'm only a small two room property and when I was set up, they put me in a different town in a different county about ten miles away. I questioned it but was told more people could find me that way...First guests arrived angry having driven to the wrong town and gotten lost. Eventually booking fixed it on their own site. A year later all of their affiliates still list me in the wrong town. I've been fighting for a year to get it fixed. Booking told me I had to contact all the affiliates individually, Eventually I I did do that even though it was me cleaning up their mess. Every affiliate said it's down to booking.com's metadata and they have no control over the listing. I don't know how many of the same 'forwarded to a specialist, you don't have to do anything in the meantime' emails I've been sent with no further info.

Bottom line, booking do not care about smaller properties, and if they mess up your business they don't care. Morally bankrupt. Sick of being a loser too so I quit, just waiting for their last payment which is a week overdue now!

Goran Milic964 4 years ago


On set up, my apartment was automatically located in the wrong area/different part of town. I simply made a note/message to Booking.com and wrong location was corrected very fast.