Apartment Description

Good Afternoon, 

I am a new booking host (***) and have recently made the first steps to rent the apartment. I have created the whole account quite instinctively and didn't have much knowledge about available options and criteria. Last weekend I have visited my friends who are renting their apartment via Booking for years now and they have pointed me out that my description includes the Two-bedroom title which I was not aware of. The photos uploaded and beds selected clearly state that the apartment contains one bedroom and a living room with a big sofa-bed, that is why I wanted to change it in the settings. However, few clients managed to rent it before and I cannot proceed the change. May You change it for me or unblock this option? I can add that so far one reservation was ended and clients were satisfied and didn't complain about the "not-matching" description and even rated the facility perfectly! Thank You in advance and best regards 

BrookAve 3 years ago



The main desc area is generated based on proerty > facilities and room amenities info you set.


You can under property menu, view my desc, and then submit a request to have a mistake altered, assuming you have audited the lists and set the yes/no answers correctly.