Apatment name visibility

Dear all,

I opend my apartment before 3 days. I see that it's open, but if i want search it, i can not find it. 

If someone else try to search, it is not visible. My apartment is Groodvy, and only you can find groodvy house witch is not mine.


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Ismini Karali 2 years ago

check your availability

And contact partner support 

Go to Inbox-Booking.com messages-Compose new message

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Jarratt - Acco… 2 years ago

Hi Groodvy, 


There are a number of reasons it may not be appearing in searches and it would be difficult to problem solve it here. As per Ismini's advice above I would check there are rates and availability loaded in the calendar, check there aren't any restrictions in place e.g. length of stay (or that if there are, you are running an appropriate search on the front end) and if that doesn't solve the issue, then please contact the support team. 



You will find contact details for the support team in the extranet where you can choose to send a message, or access the Partner Support phone number. Both options are available by clicking on the Inbox tab, then choosing 'Booking.com Messages'. 


You can compose a message to the support team, or find the contact number by clicking 'other options' on the right hand side, and following the prompts. 


Kind regards,