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I've decided to create a listing on booking, edited calender's availability, therefore the property seems to be unavailable.


Do we need a special permission to have our home advertised on booking.com?If yes, how do we get it?


Thanks in advance,

João and Hugo

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi João and Hugo


So above sounds contradictive, in that if setup listing , created room(s), created and linked rate plans to room(s); then used the List view in calendar to enable inventory and pricing, then it should be available.


I just checked your profile here on partner community and there is no property link for us to view it.


Please link it so we can view to see if any issues and any solutions come to mind.


You will find your property link in extranet , top right 2nd circle menu, simply copy paste it here or into your profile for future reference. thanks



Did you actually go through the verification process?


your homepage on extranet will tell you if you are [OPEN/Bookable] in white on green.


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Ghadeer maria 4 years ago

help on how to pay commission to booking using Visa pioneer.

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi  Ghadeer maria


Please to not hijack topics for different topics, simply make your own topic. 

Also I see you have duplicated the same across other unrelated topics in the last hour, please stop doing that.


You need to directly contact Booking.com Finance dept or support team.


See contact us at page bottom. or via extranet inbox