Baffled and confused on how to list a vacation rental with Booking.com

I have hit a wall in trying to add our portfolio of vacation rentals to Booking.com. For one the categories don't match anything I am familiar with in the US. What category is a regular house? A Villa? What about a condo? None of these terms exist in the Booking.com interface. 

Next is the concept of room. Why is it treating the rooms in the house as separate rentable entities? Only the whole house can be rented together. I can't seem to properly configure the "room" thing. 

So I remain utterly puzzled why Booking.com is the outlier in channels, all the other channels are super easy to setup, Booking.com is so difficult that we are considering just signing up with a channel manager that can create the listings automatically for us and will automatically map the fields from booking.com to the normal fields used by the rest of the world for vacation rentals. If someone has a suggestion, that would be great. 

Clearly European businesses think completely differently from American businesses, I would love to understand the European system and how to map our US system to it.

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Katerinka12 4 years ago

Hi Axel,

If it's only a whole house can be rented at once, then do not separate rooms and dont attempt to create several listings.

There should be one listing with united rooms. How would you properly call such listing? Villa? B&B? Check out other similar properties in USA and choose the name what people in US do understand. There should be an American standard in the name, not European.

And since you use many channels, using channel manager sounds as a good idea.