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i just came to booking 3 days ago, i have 7 rooms on my listing and yesterday someone rent 2 for august

today i cant see my listing and it says 'Sorry this property has no availability on our site for your dates'

when i try to see the date avainability it says 'We have no availability on our site for this property between Sat 1 Aug 2020 and Thu 6 Aug 2020' while it is bookable for this date... whats wrong? please i must have a answer

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi christos valmas


Welcome to partner community, where you are ONLY addressing partners and community team, not finance nor support teams.


You need to open your calendar in list view and review each room type setup.

Status : Open /closed

Inventory Count >0


Also bear in mind rate plans and promotions with restrictions will restrict results depending on minimum and max stay values along with max advanced reservation values.


note note all extended fields will be visible by default. Simply message BdC support to enable all extended fields in calendar list view.


Kind Regards.

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