Booking requiring me to pay previous owners bad debt



I've recently taken over a property which was run by my landlord as a hotel previously.  I did not buy a business from someone else.  I registered my new sole proprietership with the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.

I registered my hotel on booking.com the other day and have just received an email  from booking advising that someone running a business here previously owes them money and that until I pay that debt I cannot list my property on their platform.


I can understand if you buy a business you take on the debts - its part of the reason we did not buy a business.  But why would I be responsible for the debts of someone who ran a completely separate business at this property - in this case it seems the people who owe them money left the property over 18 months ago.

i have provided booking with my documents confirming when the business was opened, and when I signed my lease.  Is there anything else I can provide to confirm I hold no responsibility for the debt?


Thank you




BrookAve 1 year ago


Agreed, thats sounds wrong to me too.

as long as you are not trading as the same name and you own/lease the building they cannot do that.

thats in my opinion.


consult local legal advise is next step.