Booking.com blocked out my entire synced AirBnb Calendar


When I go to my property on Booking.com I get the message:
"We're sorry, but it is currently not possible to make reservations for this hotel on our site."

However, in my settings it says it's open for bookings.

I'm guessing - and only guessing because it doesn't say so anywhere - that this is because I've not yet verified my address for Booking.com, which I can not do because I've not yet received the letter. 

That's all understandable but did they really need to stop AirBnB taking bookings as well? That seems an unnecessarily harsh way of dealign with it. Is that even legal?

I could unsync it from AirBnB but then the bookings I've already taken from Booking.com won't appear there.

What can I do? 




BrookAve 1 year ago


  1.  you are automatically open bookable fro mday one so long as
    1. Create Room Type
    2. Create Rate plan and linked to room type
  2. However if the time period for activation has expired then yes until the code is entered by postal letter, by licking the Go Live or status box on Extranet home page.
  3. Never link to another OTA until active and setup
    and always use a Channel manager for calendar sync, else it is not in real time and double bookings will occur.
  4. yes for now you need to manually manage it, close out dates 


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