Booking.com will not deal with arrogant, abusive, obnoxious, demanding guests and if you phone them, they are disinterested in accommodation owners.

My husband has a successful business and our vehicles have signage so once guests arrive, they know who he is and what he does.  Often guests score us badly for no reason but Booking.com will not take the reviews down.

I know that Booking.com does not check that accommodation owner's reviews are legitimate and that family and friends are often used in our town to increase review scores.  Only seen one Booking.com staff member since opening to check authenticity of property and no further contact which is poor customer support.

If you have a problem, Booking.com ignores the issue and just collects the commissions.  Everything is about the guests and nothing for the accommodation owners although they are ones paying the commissions.

Time for Booking.com to review guests and stop bad behaviour from occurring against accommodation owners throughout the world.




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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago


This topic has already been exhausted on various other threads so no need to open new ones saying the same thing.

You can read our replies and discussions on those threads which are already way too long.

It's a known issue and you have the solutions mentioned in those threads.


Zsolt - www.thuild.com

Mswavellheights 5 years ago

The issue is not going away and unless there is communication by accommodation owners, nothing changes. Why not have the discussion open again?

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hey there,

Sorry to have to say this but remember that the forum is technically not for Partners to post their 'issues' so that Booking.com may look at it and fix it. There is a Send us Feedback button on your home page for that purpose. The forum is partly for sharing and asking if anyone else has the same problem and maybe has a good solution for it. Then if everyone agrees there is no solution or maybe have good suggestions of solutions, you all send it in and there can be something done about it.

Me, I use the forum to learn. When I have issues, I contact Booking.com.

Hope this helps!

Enquiries 5 years ago

I have cctv footage that shows that a guest has lied on the review that he has left for us but booking.com do nothing and just take the word of the guest even though i can prove that he is lying.

Mswavellheights 5 years ago

Booking.com ignores feedback and does nothing to make changes for accommodation owners. Taking money upfront and scoring guests like Airbnb is the way to go. Accommodation owners all need to speak out and get these changes made as they are losing money with guests cancelling, abusing them and their properties.

Eddie manari 5 years ago

Dear Partners,

Its very annoying when you have done everything right and still booking.com takes the side of the customers.

I have the following issue with booking.com.

Externet Text from booking.com site that customers Blackmailing us to give free parking for good Review...other occasion We have police report, Video, witness..etc.

But still would not take the review down..What are we suppose to do?