Hi! I've been getting reservaciones today and some have contacted me already by email or phone but I don't see any reservation in my calendar. I'm getting nervous that I don't know when they arrive.

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Joseph Milanes


I just checked your partner profile and there is no property listing URL linked.


Please do this so we can see what you see and help you better.


Reminder : This is partners supporting partners and not a direct line to BdC support.


So typically when you logon to the Extranet , link up top right on this page to bring you to it.


On the default homepage you will immediately see any new bookings made today, you can use the drop down to change the date range.


Also a more comprehensive list is on the top menu called Reservations.

Once loaded again you can set a date range to see all future bookings.


as for arrival info, simply open each booking in a new tab, typically right click and choose Open In TAB. here you can see if the arrival times are given if its not to far in future.


Of course that is entirely dependant on the guest entering that or gues-timating it.


You can also from here message the guest to simply provide their booked flight number.

Using that flight info reference typically you can use google to check for live arrival times as well as the scheduled time and deviations on the day itself. 



Kind Regards

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Dear Joseph Milanes.

By checking the Extranet of this listing you linked above, we can't see any reservation in our platform and your calendar is closed since seems like you have a reservation coming from another platform.

If you are still in doubts, just try to contact our support so they might help you further.