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Hi Partners,


Any one know how booking.com collects review regarding breakfast and coffee? I have noticed that most of the time I get review from the guest that have not booked breakfast with the room and we end up getting score from those guest. Do you think this is the right practice or is there any way we can contact booking.com and tell them about this issue?



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Blue Turtle Ho… 5 years ago


I've noticed the same thing with some "Room Only" guests.

Even though it is mentioned on the extranet that it won't have any impact on our general score, I am always a bit confused with these new categories.

I haven't contacted Booking.com but I believe they will see your post and give us some answers.


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Authenticbelgr… 5 years ago


I totally agree with you and think this practice i a non sense. I also have a bad average for coffee (I say "bad" because my property has a 9,4 average and for coffee I am under 9). Furthermore, very few people are drinking coffee in my property as we are located in the core city center, and coffee shops are all around us. So, I sent a message to Booking.com with the question "how can someone that did not try my espresso coffee can give me a rate for it". I got the reply that I have kettles in my rooms, and that therefore, guests can rate my coffee.

Well, so I think they rate themselves, as they prepare their own coffee in their private room.

Non sense definitely.


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fluff 5 years ago


The vast majority of coffee & breakfast reviews, most especially coffee, come from non partakers?!

I would also like to see anonymous reviews disappear completely. The advantage of knowing which booking a review relates to aids identification of guest's likes and dislikes, allowing us to narrow down on an instance/feature/occurrence and be able to improve/expand/eradicate the "thing" in question.

Only the most foolish Partner would abuse this.

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Blue Turtle Ho… 5 years ago

The anonymous reviews are one of the worst features.
Looks like Booking.com is working on it to remove it but it is still an available options for the guests.

Strathview 5 years ago

Really interested in reading these results re coffee and breakfast. As result we are now removing the sachets of coffee from our rooms and will only allow the guests to make coffee themselves from the coffee machine in the dining room. This way if they mark us down on coffee we can respond to them that they made the coffee themselves and they are to blame.