Calculates one bed price instead of full room price

Just registered a hostel and I rent bunk bed per visitor. However, when i search for 10 people group prices, booking com calculates one bunk bed price for group deal. Please assist me to change this. 

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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hello there,

I think you made the right choice in asking as something like that might become a large headache.

As we have a set Max Occupancy level at my property, I have deactivated a few features that Booking.com offers, but I think they might benefit your set up.

I've added links, but if you don't understand or struggle remember that a Booking.com consultant will be able to assist you quickly over the phone.



Hope this helps!

Lisa Patio 5 years ago

Hi, I had a mistake when I input the price of our Quadruple room. Its supposed to be Php700/pax per night and NOT Php700 per room per night.

Some already made booking for the amount of Php700 per room. The book was already confirmed by 5 group of guests?

Please help me how to manage this, as this rate will become a big lost in our part. Can we contact the guests and make some price adjustments?

Also, when I search the rooms at booking.com, our other room like the family and double de luxe room aarre not visible in your web.

Please check on how to appear our room to your website?

Thank you so much and hope for your immediate action

Liza Patio

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