Calendar Synching

Hi!  I'm just putting my first property on BC, having just used Airbnb before.

I imported and exported the calendars to synch fine,  BC got all my booked and blocked dates across, no problem.

Though I'd check it was working before going live, so blocked some dates on BC.  Clicked on Synch on both sites.  Nothing.  Not updating.

Also tried to block dates on Airbnb, synch both sites - nope, nothing.

Any idea what's going wrong?

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Toniya - Commu… 1 year ago

Dear Anna Mackenzie,

Welcome to the Partner Community.

I highly recommend you to read this article about syncing calendars and follow the steps there.

If you are still experiencing this issue, please let me know.

Best regards,


Anna Mackenzie 1 year ago

Hi and thank you!

I assumed that when I manually synched the calendar (ie clicked on import calendar) it would synch immediately.  I've now realised it doesn't, so will be adding any bookings manually rather than rely on this function.