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Hi I've just joined booking.com but not yet gone live because I'm just making sure my calendar syncs with my airbnb listing which is taking reservations. I had a new reservation today day and it seems to take a couple of hours to show up on booking.com calendar as unavailable. Should it be quicker than this or is it just that it doesn't upload onto my screen straight away but wouldn't allow booking centrally? Or is it because the system knows I'm not live yet that it's taking longer. I was just ironing out any teething problems before going live! Do you know the answer to this please?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Alison,


If you do a Search on here for Cal sync , you will find the resounding response to use of this feature as unreliable, and you must click manual sync button.


It only works for a room type with an inventory count of 1, the moment you try to increase that the feature will disappear off the page.


The reccommended way to do it. is get a Channel Manager Service, and you wont have over bookings. such as  cloudbeds. some are free , some paid for .



Kind Regards


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