Can I cancel a double booking

Hi, I have just signed up with booking.com, within 48 hours I have been lucky enough to get 4 bookings, however as I have not had time to fully update my calendar one of the bookings that I have received a is for next March (2019) for 3 rooms but as I am already full on this date how can I cancel it? I have clicked the request to cancel button, it doesn't give the option for overbooking and it is not very clear what happens next.

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Charming House… 5 years ago

You can call Booking.com and they will help the guests to find an alternative and process the booking cancellation for you. You can find your local Booking.com phone number by clicking on the "inbox" tab and selecting "Booking.com messages". On the right column of the page, under "Need some help?", scroll down and the local support team contact number will be there. :)

Then always go through your calendar and make sure it is up to date and has your calendars synced to avoid the problem happening again :)

Amedbeachvilla 4 years ago

I had this problem and was near local office,so I called in.

They advised me to call the toll free number and then said they would get them to call me.

That was 3 days ago and Im now trying to find the toll free number....not easy.