Can I go live without using a channel manager?

Hi all,

I've set up everything for my listing and now would like to go live... but it won't let me click the button unless I choose a channel manager.

I have the the one property which is being let out as a whole and so do not want to use a CM. I have synced with my Airbnb listing using iCal already.

Is there a way to go without a channel manager or must I use one?



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Stuart,

As far as I know you don’t have to have a channel manager but maybe you should call Your BDC local office and ask them.

Wish you a great start.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Stuart McBoyle


When it comes to BdC and sync calendar and you are also with 2 or more other OTA, you must use a Channel Manager

Syncing BdC Calendar with AirBnb, in one or both directions is meaningless, as it will never stay up to date without manual intervention.

Something has to act as the Sync manager and the best non IT geek method is to use a 3rd part calendar sync server aka Channel manager.


There are plenty of free CMs and paid for from dirt cheap to moderately expensive.


Also important to note: 

The moment you go past a count of 1 , i.e. > 1 for any room type you loose the ability to iCAL Sync without a Channel Manager too.


So even lets say you decide to have double beds in two or more different rooms, make sure form the Room Type list when adding a new room type or changing an existing one, to just pick anything from the drop downlist.

Its just a label, you then set the number of beds in said room afterwards.and option to set square meter room size etc.

Yes i know its a pain, that you cant set a custom room type label.


At end of the day as a new partner even if you find the CM setup daunting , its well worth it, or just only list on OTA, otherwise you will eventually fall foul of the trap that is over bookings. Happens to us all .


The only real workaround is to have your smart phone on you 24/7 with all OTS management apps and moment one books on one OTA , you block those dates manuall on the other OTA app.

Of course, you do have to sleep at some point ,so during that 8 hours  period alot can potentially happen.


You can of course politely request a n overbooking guest to agree to a cancelation or change dates, directly.


Some food for thought.

PS: BdC wont really advise well on this topic as seen before, they will just quote their own links to guides that do not address the issue.


Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well


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Stuart McBoyle 3 years ago

Hi BrookAve,

Thanks for your help.

I contacted BdC and am now running without a channel manager, but given the advice you gave I think I'll look at getting one to avoid overbookings. I see this happens to 25% of hosts in the first year :o

Thanks again!