Can Someone Explain How Payments are Processed in BDC?

Hi all, I'm a long time host but first time BdC user

I want to know how payments work, specifically

1) Timeline from a booking until payout, i.e., when do we receive the payout for each reservation

2) Are there additional payment processing fees from BdC?

3) How do refunds work through BdC?

4) Is there some option to process payments myself via Stripe/PayPal/Square, etc.? If so, how does one set this up? 


FYI, I have already:

  • Set up my banking details through Finance>Bank Details
  • Set up via Property>Policies>Guest Payment Options>enabled credit card providers
  • Received several reservations that are currently "Received" or "Updated"


Kind regards 



BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Naoto


Some reading for you below. 

In general there are too many variables and flows of options to type it all out.


But simplest start with Payments by Booking.com, choose the weekly payout, and then every 8-9 days the system calculated all checkouts for the last 7-8 days, deducts the two fees and bank transfers I to you which depending on your bank and location could be another 48  hours to 10 working days.


If you want money quicker than that you  need the VCC option instead.

But and here the important part you need to sign up with a payment provider who will give you access to a virtual terminal and not just a physical PoS unit.


List of providers I know so do this:

  • payrexx.com with stripe.com
  • sumpup.com


Providers who provide unique sign up for Booking.com partners

  • https://sumup.ie/bookingie
  • sumup have different signup URLs for different regions. contact them via sumup.com to find out the others.


BdC Payments by BdC , has a payment fee < 2% of the amount minus commission.


As you set your rates t obe prepaid under policies, BdC takes money at time of booking and holds it until after checkout and the payout schedule set.



All solutions

Online Payments

Cancellation, deposit and prepayment policies


Risk-Free Reservations




Naoto 4 years ago

Thank you for the reply, can you advise as below: 

From How Can I get Paid:

How can I see if my property is eligible or already active on Payments by Booking.com? 

To find out if your property is already active on Payments by Booking, and for more information on associated costs, log in to your extranet and click on the ‘Finance’ tab.

  • If you see the ‘Getting paid’ page in the drop-down menu, you are currently active and can find more information about this service. 

  • If you see the ‘Payments by Booking.com’ page, you are eligible but not yet active, and can activate the service at the bottom of the page. 

  • If you don’t see the ‘Getting paid’ or the ‘Payments by Booking.com’ pages in the drop-down menu, your property isn’t active or eligible for this service.  

According to this, I am not eligible for payments by booking.com?

For reference, my Finance tab looks as follows:



Naoto 4 years ago

One more thing, 


As you set your rates t obe prepaid under policies, BdC takes money at time of booking and holds it until after checkout and the payout schedule set.

It seems I also am not eligible to set a pre-paid policy:


What is the exact requirement to allow prepayment options in our Policies? 



BrookAve 4 years ago

RING them ask for it to be enabled other wise you will go to another OTA.

Naoto 4 years ago

Is this the only way? Wow

If I do not have a pre-payment policy, when does the guest have to pay?


Also, can we do pre-payments with our own credit card processing account?

Naoto 4 years ago

As I have a few reservations already, based on what I've showed you, when and who is going to pay me, and when are my guests going to actually be charged



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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hello Naoto! Thank you for posting in the Community! In the links below you will find the answers you need with regards to the Payments by Booking model:




In case you are not eligible at the moment or you do not wish to join PbB model you need to specify the payment methods you accept:


In this link below you will find the information you need with regards to Prepayment restrictions:



We hope this information is helpful for you!

BrookAve 4 years ago




Exactly that, by default it is pay on arrival , after that its up to you to collect it from them.

If there is significant time/days before check in you can contact them and ask for prepayment over phone or via message.


Bank transfer, paypal, sumpup.com , virtual terminal fro ma payment provider , Revolut bank app transfer, SEPA bank IBAN transfer etc..



Tell BdC Support  to enroll you into Payments by BdC as you have no method of collect on arrival, and they will enable it for you.

Naoto 4 years ago

hey thanks a lot Barry, I will give them a call

Appreciate it