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HELLO EVERYBODY! I'm really really mad and upset with this fucking shit channel of!!!

They sent me the letter with a code by mail, I was waiting for this letter and until today I did not received any letter!!! In the beginning I start to work with them, so I had reservations and right now I have guests in my Hotel from, but I didn't received any letter and so they closed my hotel on the website until I don't put this fucking code in the system.

I have guests from booking already, that means my Hotel exist, my address is correct, all my informations are correct. Is not my fault then and all the times that I called them they just say "have to wait for the letter". WTF!! No solutions??? High/Peak season almost here and I still not opend!!

Fortunatly other channles like AirBnB and Agoda it doesn't work like or I was fucking dead!!

Please, can someone help me to find a solutions??

BrookAve 4 years ago

1. Clam down lad

2. Patience is a virtue.

3.yes BdC is known to have this effect.


4. Phone support, ask for a video call verify method





you edit 'da fek' but his use of 'fucking' and 'shit' is perfectly fine?

seriously come on , wake up.