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Hi, I just listed a room in our home on bookings.com and then discovered that you do not have a client rating system or anyway to know more about the people who book before you accept their booking. I also cannot find anything about any insurance coverage you offer to your hosts.

Given that I think I need to cancel our listing.

Can you help me with that please


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Community Admin 4 years ago

Hello Catherine McKeating! Thank you for your post! Indeed Booking.com does not have a rating system of the guests at the moment. However, there is an option to set up a refundable deposit to cover any possible damage costs.

In case you would like to discuss more about your options you can contact us via the "Inbox" tab and then click "Booking.com messages". If you click on "Contact us" you will see the option to compose a new message and a phone number too. 

If you would like to terminate your contract you can follow the steps in the link below:


Best regards!

BrookAve 4 years ago

Hi Catherine

I can understand your concerns as a partner.

What I would instead suggest is have a look at what other partners have shared, experiences,  expectations, and simply be clever about it.


Such as non refundable rates with strict cancellation policy; prepaid to booking.com, and enable Payment via Booking.com, with minimum 1 night to benefit from Risk Free upgrades.


Also be smart about the rate cost and layered tiered discounting so as to not price too low. Extremely low might at first mean plenty of bookings at first but it can also attract undesirable.


Theres been alot of chatter on here recently and likes of Iske of Wight, and others have posted plenty of advice


Also check out this list Marie started



Kind Regards, merry xmas.


Ps: add your property link to this profile so we can see it and how its setup etc helps greatly as a reference when trying to help.