Hi, I need to cancel New Years Eve booking. Do not know how it happened. I am new to booking (only have one booking since July) and did not master the system fully yet. To be honest, it is quite complicated even for an educated person with a bachelor degree ?. Anyway, I was pretty sure I did close both of my properties for the festive days as I have not figured out yet how to make a joint booking for both properties, so that one company could book the entire homestead. I also have not decided yet on the price for the festive nights. I got quite a shock, once I have received the booking only for one of the houses, and only for one night, and for the regular price for the New Years Eve ?. I also found out that I cannot cancel it?. 

Is it possible to cancel it as a mistake of a booking beginner? Please?

Thank you for your understanding and support.  

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Donatas and welcome to the Partner Community.

Yes you can cancel the reservation but you will have to relocate your guests or pay charges...

Since you are new maybe you can explain that to booking.com and  they will support you.

Another option is to apologize to your guests and ask them to cancel....

In this Community there are many posts about cancellations so have a look...

Wish you all the best.

BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Donatas Mūras


I really don't agree with that statement, other than as with anything new there is a learning curve.


Its a known issue many new  partners have yet to even read the basics covered in the Partner Help section up top.


Then get caught out as rooms default to open and inventory of 1. Simply set room type status to closed for a date range to prevent bookings.


By default unless you adhoc change a date in calendar list view the Rate Plans you linked to  Room type or Room Layout (if whole unit) will be the price by default, seen by guest.


How to cancel it?


  • Open the booking details page
  • Message the guest you have a double booking due to their booking ,and the next available date is X. and that you will now mark booking as cancelled and they will receive notification of this . Which they must acknowledge.
  • If they prepaid BdC, by marking it cancelled will refund 100%.
  • Now click Request Cancel on right pane.
  • Choose option 2.
  • System notifies   the guest.
  • Guest receives and clicks Accept/confirm, and then the system updates the booking to cancelled . You should receive a notification or can monitor it fr omthe details page or reservations list.



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Kind Regards


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